Classroom 1

12:00pm - 4:30pm

Dr. Broderick Sawyer

Dr. Broderick Sawyer is an activist, clinical psychologist, consultant, therapist trainer, and meditation teacher in Louisville, KY. He trains mental and physical health professionals, non-profit organizers, college students, activists, and businesses how to decondition generationally-inherited “oppressive psychology”. 

By teaching a set of simple and adaptable techniques, Dr. Sawyer uses his training to help people “tune” into the present moment completely, where compassion for self, others, and true interconnection is realized as solid-truth. Essentially, he understands a compassionate global society as one where it is understood that no “others” exist fundamentally. 

As a teacher and trainer, he uses a direct, relatable, and playful approach to helping others develop the skills necessary to build a compassionate future. For more information, check out his website at

Cultivating Bodily Safety: Rooting into the Breath

The world we live in today can cause us to feel unsafe, ungrounded, and not in control of our nervous system. Add the many forms of intersectional oppression to the mix, and we have even more reason to experience a lack of basic safety. We cannot feel safe when others or systems cause us to feel unsafe, however, we can practice simple techniques to feel safer in the present moment. 

In this workshop, learn to take back your basic right to choose to feel safe in the present moment by using the age-old techniques of breathwork and everyday mindfulness. Combining these two skills, we learn to at the very least not cause our own ungroundedness.


Life and other people can make us feel like our failures, pain, and shortcomings are somehow all our fault, possibly leading to feelings of shame, self-hatred, and low self-worth. Instead of holding onto a critical relationship with ourselves, this workshop explores a completely new way of relating with life and our role in it- a technique that reaches far beyond positive affirmations. 

Sometimes called “couple’s therapy with yourself”, in this workshop you’ll learn to apply the simple, practical tools of self-compassion, gradually leading to a nourishing, self-soothing relationship with yourself. 

Healing Generational Racial Stress and Trauma

Generational racial stress and trauma is a global and ongoing sickness, rooted in white supremacist thinking, behavior, and culturally-normalized systems of racist oppression. Sadly, racial trauma is alive and well, causing daily stress, and additionally, gaslighting the non-white global majority into believing we live in a “post racial” global society, via colorblind propaganda pushed by mass media. 

In this workshop, people from non-white racial backgrounds will learn how to identify, soothe, and understand racial stress, and how to thrive despite the ongoing psychological warfare that is white supremacy.

Social Justice and The Buddha’s Psychology: Awakening the Warrior

As Audre Lorde once said, “the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house”, and even more, the master’s psychology will never dismantle the master’s systems. To achieve a truly compassionate society, with a psychology grounded outside of oppression, we must first confront and decondition the oppressive psychology that exists within ourselves. 

In this workshop, attendees will learn a particular set of techniques, as prescribed by Buddhist psychology. Specifically, attendees will learn practices in self-observation that lead to a “compassionate inner psychology”, which then translates to outer, uncompromising compassion for all. Learning will be a combination of direct instruction, and reflecting on the role of self-understanding in social justice movement.