Your Voice Matters: FAQ ​

11:00am - 12:00pm | Multipurpose Room A

About the Workshop

Voices are a reflection of who we are. For many gender-diverse individuals, a voice that is not congruent with their gender can cause increased dysphoria, difficulty communicating, frustration, and even potentially expose them to unsafe situations. This session will focus on gender-affirming voice therapy, including the referral process, common targets in voice therapy, managing expectations, and other frequently asked questions.

Karen Crow

Karen Crow, CCC-SLP, is a speech language pathologist and voice specialist at the Louisville Center for Voice Care with U of L Health. She enjoys working with a wide variety of voice clients to achieve a voice that is functional, genuine, and effortless. She obtained her Masters of Speech Language Pathology at the University of Memphis where she conducted research in the Voice Emotion and Cognition Laboratory with Miriam van Mersbergen, PhD, CCC-SLP. Karen also holds a Certificate of Vocology through the esteemed Summer Vocology Institute through the National Center of Voice and Speech in Salt Lake City, Utah under the direction of Dr. Ingo Titze, a landmark researcher in the field of Vocology. Karen enjoys singing, home projects, and hiking with her dog, Jake.

Taylor Jones Adams

Taylor Jones Adams, CCC-SLP, is a voice-specialized Speech-Language Pathologist at Louisville Center for Voice Care. She obtained both her Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degrees at the University of Cincinnati, where she developed a special interest in gender affirming voice care. Her professional philosophy includes making clients feel comfortable, supported, and celebrated as they navigate their voice journey. She recently began a gender affirming voice group to encourage a sense of community among those developing their voice identity. In her free time, Taylor enjoys writing music, playing guitar and piano, and hanging out with her husband and two dogs.