Trans Youth Warriors in Murray

I haven’t written anything for the newsletter lately, and I apologize. One is I’ve been incredibly busy. The other reason is these heinous anti-trans bills passing in our state. What could I write that wasn’t already been said the news? And like many in the community I am so heartbroken.

Luckily SB 115, a bill attempting to restrict drag shows and crimilize drag performers appears dead. The bill did not have enough readings in the House to legally pass a veto period. The state bill 115 would have prohibited drag shows on pubicaly owned land, and anywhere children might be present.

Unfortunately though House Bill 470 was passed. The bill encompasses banning gender-affirming care preventing doctors from providing puberty blockers and hormone therapy for minors. At first, the bill appeared dead as Republicans fought within their party, but the next day, lawmakers repackaged much of the bill’s language and added anti-trans bill, SB 150, which as initially introduced would force schools to out trans children to their families and withhold health services at parents’ demand. Republicans also added HB 177, “a parental rights in education” a bill similar to Florida’s, stitching together an omnibus bill that raised SB 150’s length from five to thirty pages.

Sen. Karen Berg said during the final flood debate, “This is absolutely willful hate for a small group of people that are the weakest and most vulnerable.” Berg’s son, Henry Berg-Brousseau, a staunch advocate for trans right recently died by suicide in December at the age of 24.

Many medical experts agree that denying trans youth gender affirming care will become more suceptible to suicide. Transgender adults (myself included) can attest that gender affirming care saved their lives. We also know that these political moves are the first step to waging a war on the LGBTQIA+ community.

The question is, what can we do? How can we battle this level of hate, as the government takes away parents’ rights and our ability to express our gender? I recently went to Murray Kentucky and joined the Trans Youth protest outside of Senator Jason Howell’s law office. Sen. Howell is responsible for advancing anti-trans youth bill with other Republicans. A small group consisting of transgender, nonbinary, and LGTBQIA+ allies chanted “CHANGE YOUR VOTE!” and cheered as citizens drove past honking and waving in support.

In Louisville we live in a bubble. Most of us can name several queer friendly establishments we can go to relatively without fear, but the trans youth in small towns like Murray do not have that option. Many trans youth live in fear and recieve death threat for simply being themselves. These brave warriors inspired me and made me realize that the “bubble” I live in needs to extend accross the state. The trans youth in Murray are the face of the movement and we need to help those trans and non-binary sibblings. We also need soldiers of all kinds to fight this battle. I understand that some do not have the option to fight publicly and I say to those individuals, be safe and you are seen. However, I say to those who can fight that we will resist until all are free to live the life they choose!

Murray, KY Trans Youth Rally